Cambridge International Examinations

Giving an international dimension to academics and more.

Innovative practice in education so central to Cambridge International Examinations is in consonance with Mayoor’s progressive outlook towards education and commitment towards scholastic excellence. We strive to inculcate global awareness and international mindedness in our students, for which implementation of the CIE curriculum has been a significant step and has helped us herald the formation of a global identity among our students.

We are committed to develop learners of the 21st century who not only are au fait with subject matter but are also adept at applying critical thinking and problem solving skills. The accent of CIE on developing critical thinking skills in learners befits our commitment.

The flexibility offered under CIE curriculum has helped us design a unique curriculum fitting into the Indian School Education system. For grades VI to VIII, a separate section for each grade has been designated in the Middle School Academic Block for the transaction of Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme. The transaction of IGCSE curriculum takes place in CIE Block.

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Professional Development of CIE teachers

Becoming a Cambridge teacher offers a host of opportunities for professional development and for becoming a part of the global teaching community. Equipped with comprehensive classroom support and teaching resources of high academic quality, our teachers facilitate assimilation of in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and development of higher order thinking skills in the Cambridge learners. For Cambridge teachers, transaction of the curriculum becomes an intellectually engaging and professionally enriching exercise. They become contemplative learners per se to innovate and implement pedagogical practices for promoting active learning in students. Furthermore, they manoeuvre development of life-long, reflective learners with constructive social and civic engagement.

Our teaching staff members regularly attend online and face-to-face training for getting acquainted with the latest educational research for effectively delivering the Cambridge Programmes. The face-to-face sessions give them an opportunity to gain an international outlook and reap the benefits of being a part of the network of Cambridge teachers across India. It also gives them a platform to share their teaching expertise and ideas to the benefit of the teaching community.